VivaScope Konfokale Mikroskopie (CLSM)

VivaScope Confocal Microscopes


We are an innovative Munich-based medical technology company that offers a novel, high-resolution imaging solution that finds its application in various fields of medicine and the cosmetics industry. Our confocal microscopy-based solution (CLSM) enables time-efficient differentiation between pathogenic and healthy tissue in real time and on-site, in your practice or surgery room.

400+ systems worldwide
1.500+ publications


Instant Digital Pathology

Your digitalized laboratory on a cart – with VivaScope 2500. 5 minute workflow.

✔︎  Minimal Preparation
✔︎  Direct Assessment
✔︎  Tissue Integrity
✔︎  Time Savings


Instant Optical

Your virtual window into the skin – with VivaScope 1500/3000. Whole imaging chain.

✔︎︎ Real Time
✔︎ Non-Invasive
✔︎ Telemedicine
✔︎ Complete Imaging Chain

400+ systems worldwide:

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We are constantly expanding our clinic partners.
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VivaScope2500: Live Session in #India

Expert GI Endoscopists and GI Surgeons from Institute of Gastro Sciences, AIG Hospitals showcasing the latest Rapid On-site Biopsy using VIVASCOPE, cutting down on provisional diagnosis time from 5 days to 5 mins.

We focus on: Innovation.

With a big impact worldwide.

“Progress in medicine is our goal: We want to actively participate in this development. Through our commitment and use of the latest technology, we enable the lives of patients to be significantly improved through better treatment methods. This makes the work of the doctors caring for them more efficient.”

– the VivaScope team

VivaScope Academy

Our learningplattform for you. Right in your browser.

This website is specifically aimed at doctors who are interested in becoming confident and independent
in the recognition and application of our VivaScope products using confocal laser scanning microscopy and who wish to deepen their knowledge.


Confocal Microscopy

Ready for a completely new confocal imaging system optimized for large mosaic image acquisition? It’s here, the new RS-G5.

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