Instant Digital Pathology - Technology
Instant Digital Pathology using VivaScope confocal laser scan microscopy

Instant Digital Pathology

H&E-like images during surgery. Within minutes. Immediate results possible.

H&E-like images. On site & digital. In 5 minutes only. The change is here.

Fresh tissue can be examined immediately after an excision without lengthy procedures. This allows for the direct assessment of the specimen in the operating room. All packed in our „moveable“ laboratory, the VivaScope 2500.

See every detail. Digital seamless zoom 550x. With a great sample size.

VivaScope technology is based on confocal microscopy and acquires images of superb optical resolution and contrast. VivaScope 2500 images allow seemless zoom with up to 500x magnification and a great sample size.

VivaScope 2500

The VivaScope 2500 offers H&E-like imageges, generated from two components. Two lasers of different wavelengths create two distinct images, a fluorescence image and a reflectance image.