Instant Digital Pathology - Connectivity

Connectivity via VivaLAN & VivaNet. The perfect match for your VivaScope 2500.

The device is capable of working within a hospital’s DICOM environment to enable storage, search, viewing, scheduling and backup of acquired images. It also provides an optional HL7 communication with HIS (hospital information system) allowing for an even smoother integration into the hospital’s environment.

Your Hospital

VivaLan for the confocal microscope VivaScope 2500 enables connectivity for your hospital and clinic.


Confocal Microscope connectivity solutions for your VivaScope 2500

Your VivaScope

VivaNet connectivity solution for Instant Digital Pathology


Connected to internal & external pathologists

More about VivaLAN:

VivaLAN™ network solution is what you are looking for: a scalable system where all imaging data is managed and stored centrally in your own environment.


More about VivaNet:

Connect your pathologist to your operating room. Regardless of the distance, the pathologist’s evaluation can directly affect the ongoing surgery.