Instant Optical Biopsy - Overview
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Optical Biopsy

Reduce unnecessary biopsies. See beneath the skin. Improve patient care. With VivaScope.

Layer by layer. See beneath the skin. For best patient care.

In vivo examinations with the VivaScope technology using confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM) allow for an optical biopsy using a non-invasive procedure. See the different skin layers of your patients in real time.

All images courtesy of Prof. Dr Elke Sattler, Dr Martina Ulrich, Prof. Dr Julia Welzel


Our in vivo VivaScope productlines for “instant optical biopsy” are mentioned in important guidelines. Learn More about the application fields.

+1.000 publications

VivaScope® in vivo technology is well documented in the scientific and medical literature. +1.000 publications. And increasing each month.

Training. Step-by-step. So you become an confocal expert.

In a clinical setting, VivaScope users will obtain further knowledge about our VivaScope products and confocal microscopy (CLSM) from renowned experts.


Different System Configurations:

Make it your VivaScope. For your every day work. Learn more about the different system configurations.

VivaScope 1500 System

VivaScope 3000 System

The VivaScope 1500/300 Combo System, confocal laser scan microscope

VivaScope 1500/3000 Combo System

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Does the examination damage the skin?
No, the skin is not damaged or irritated.
Does the examination hurt?
No, the examination with VivaScope confocal microscopes does not hurt or causes scars.
How do I learn to understand the images?
We offer you intensive training. So you are never alone and become a confocal expert step by step. For this purpose, we usually conduct on-site training, training courses in Rome and you get access to our VivaScope Academy (online training platform with videos, learning materials and descriptions of challenging cases)
I'm interested, what are the next steps?
Contact us, we are happy to arrange a digital or on-site demonstration for you. This is free of charge and should give you the opportunity to get to know our microscopes and technology better.
I would like to book a free (digital) demonstration?
Please contact us. We are happy to arrange a digital or on-site demonstration for you.
Is it possibile to add another component to an exisiting system?
Yes, you can add another component, depending on the generation you have. Please contact us and we provide you with more information.
What is Instant Optical Biopsy?
This describes our in vivo technology and your possibility to do an "instant optical biopsy" without cutting out skin and within seconds - in real-time.

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