Instant Optical Biopsy - VivaCam
VivaCam D200 is a digital dermatoscope and included in every vivascope in vivo system

VivaCam D200 (dermatoscope)

Every VivaScope system includes the D200 digital dermatoscope for a complete imaging workflow in one system. The VivaCam D200 digital dermatoscope has an image resolution superior to Full HD. It supports your confocal examination so you always know which part of the skin/lesion you are examining right now.

Included in every VivaScope in vivo system.


The VivaCam D200 is a digital dermatoscope for clinical and dermatoscopic examination. It is an ideal tool for the assessment of skin. Reliable image quality and uniformity enable follow-ups over years. The integrated follow-up function offers the possibility of precisely comparing the progression of skin lesions over time. Digital reports of a diagnosis including the captured images can be printed and shared easily. It’s provided with an ergonomic camera with 2.8″ touch display. In combination with the VivaScope 1500, the VivaCam generates a dermatoscopic overview for navigation during the confocal examination.

Standardized brilliant image quality in dermatoscopy

High precision optics: 15x - 200x magnification

Dermatoscopic and clinical images in one device

Ergonomic camera with 2.8″ touch display


VivaCam and VivaScope 1500. Your perfect match.

The VivaCam D200 and the VivaScope 1500 are built for each other. Clinical imaging, high quality dermoscopy, plus cellular resolution confocal imaging of lesions, all managed within a single software solution that allows easy tracking of lesions over time. That’s why every VivaScope system includes the D200.

All images courtesy of Prof. Dr Elke Sattler, Dr Martina Ulrich, Prof. Dr Julia Welzel

Included in the following Systems: