Instant Optical Biopsy - VivaScope 1500/3000 System
The VivaScope 1500/300 Combo System, confocal laser scan microscope

The VivaScope 1500/3000

Your all-in-one system VivaScope 1500/3000 Combo. It combines our two confocal laser scan microscopy scan heads. And a dermatoscope. For your whole imaging workflow. Examine the skin of your patients with an optical biopsy non-invasive and in real time. The high resolution of the images allows investigators to evaluate individual cells in horizontal optical sections.

All the components you need. Included in one system.

With the VivaScope 1500/3000 system you get the best of every in vivo component. And the dermatoscope is included too. The confocal microscopy-based solution enables time-efficient differentiation between pathogenic and healthy tissue in real time and on site. The latest generation features a new core technology that significantly improves speed for your daily work.


1. The VivaScope 1500

The VivaScope 1500 scanhead offers physicians, clinicians as well as medical and cosmetic researchers the possibility to non-invasively examine the skin in vivo, at cellular resolution and in real time. The VivaScope 1500 provides a non-invasive view into the epidermis all the way down to the superficial dermis.


2. The VivaScope 3000

The VivaScope 3000 scanhead is highly suitable for investigating large skin areas affected by actinic keratosis or lentigo maligna. Since the examination reveals the tissue in cellular resolution, the spread of lentigo maligna can be determined very precisely.

3. The VivaCam (D200)

Digital dermatoscope with an image resolution superior to Full HD for confocal laser scanning microscopy for use in the clinical and dermatoscopic assessment of skin lesions: Brilliant image quality in dermatoscopy, High precision optics: 15x – 200x magnification, Clinical images with autofocus and a camera with 2.8″ touch display.

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Perfect software solutions for this VivaScope configuration:

The technology

Our in vivo product line allows for a real-time and non-invasive Instant Optical Biopsy from the epidermis to the upper dermis. With the VivaScope confocal laser scanning microscopy the cell morphology of the skin layers are displayed in high resolution.

All images courtesy of Prof. Dr Elke Sattler, Dr Martina Ulrich, Prof. Dr Julia Welzel