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Our in vivo products open a “window into the skin” without injuring it. VivaScope technology is used to perform an optical biopsy. Changes in the individual skin layers are thus detected without surgical intervention and a reliable diagnosis can be made even during the examination. Unnecessary biopsies, which are usually painful and unpleasant can be avoided with this procedure.

The all rounder

Our VivaScope can be used in a variety of areas, from early skin cancer detection to wound healing assessment. In the following, we give you a small insight into how our VivaScope is used.

Fast and reliable

Confocal laser scanning microscopy creates the possibility for dermatologists to determine quickly if and what type of skin cancer is present in a patient. The removal of tissue for diagnosis (the so-called biopsy), often accompanied by pain, is therefore no longer needed most of the time and the patient is typically not required to wait longer for their results.

Innovative and painless

With the VivaScope technology, your dermatologist uses a modern and particularly painless examination method for various diseases and types of skin damage.
A window is attached to the skin ...
… light enters the skin layers …
… precise images showing the cellular structure after few minutes.

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“Confocal Microscopy nowadays represents a routine at University-Policlinico of Modena for the early diagnosis of melanoma and management of moles. It’s efficacy enabled to improve early detection of skin cancer and to avoid a huge number of unnecessary excisions. When I started in 2003 I didn’t expect how this technology could be able to set such high diagnostic standards.”
Prof. Giovanni Pellacani
Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery Chairman of the Department of Dermatology University of Rome.


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 This FAQ section is intended to help you quickly and conveniently clear up any basic uncertainties. Hopefully your question mark will soon turn into an exclamation mark. If your question has not been answered, please feel free to contact us directly.

How does the confocal laser scanning microscope of VivaScope work?
After applying the tissue cap to the skin, a laser beam hits the affected region before it is reflected again. The special arrangement of the laser beam and sensor allows for high-resolution images that depict the cellular structure of the skin.
In contrast to existing methods, VivaScope products do not require any contrast agents and thus enable painless and fast image generation.
Is an examination with a confocal laser scanning microscope associated with pain or discomfort?
No, unlike the current procedure of taking a biopsy of the conspicuous skin region, VivaScope products do not damage your skin.
The procedure is completely painless and does not cause any discomfort.
What are the advantages of this method of examination?
The biggest advantages for you are a completely pain-free examination and the possibility of a quick diagnosis. There is no need to resign yourself to discomfort during or after the examination.
VivaScope products use a laser. Is this associated with adverse side effects?
No, the gentle examination method used by VivaScope products does not cause any negative side effects. Even highly sensitive skin regions can thus be assessed without any problems as is the case in acute contact allergies.
What are the applications?
In medicine, confocal laser scanning microscopy is primarily used in the fields of preventive examination, diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer. Other uses include, for example, wound and scar treatment as well as cosmetic research.
Confocal laser scanning microscopy opens up new fields of application due to its gentle and fast methodology.
Do doctors need specific training in the use of confocal laser scanning microscopes?
During the installation of the products, dermatologists are instructed in detail regarding the operation of the confocal laser scanning microscopes.
In addition, various clinics in several European countries offer qualified further education and training for physicians. There is also comprehensive material available for self-study.

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