Research Confocal Microscopy - Overview
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Research with the RS-G5 Confocal Microscope

Impressive Pictures

Adult Zebra Fish´s

Granular Perithelial cells (green) and blood vessels (red)

BABB Cleared Fat Tissue Vasculature

6.9 x 6.3 mm (Z Step 1,5 μm, Zoom 1.6, Avg 4, 30X/1.05 NA Objective) in 15 hours.

Cleared tissue at large volume

The large scan area 120 x 80 mm and 11 mm Z-Axis travel range as well as new highly sensitive GaAsP detectors made the RS-G5 an ideal microscope for Cleared Tissue Imaging.


The high speed strip mosaic feature
of the RS G4 can scan large areas of whole brain sections in just a few minutes.