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Workflow Instant Digital Pathology
1. Step
VivaScope Installation

Before you go through the individual training steps, the VivaScope device is installed on your site by our specialist staff. This ensures a smooth start into the confocal world and the adventure can begin.
H&E-like images during surgery. Within minutes. Immediate results possible.
2. Step
Introductory Training

Duration: 1 Day

Side by side, the training begins together with your personal contact. We take a day for you to explain/show the most important moves directly on the equipment.

Images courtesy of Dr Javiera Pérez-Anker.
Basal cell carcinoma; imaged with the VivaScope 2500 (left) and after H&E staining (right)
3. Step
Basic Digital Pathology Course Barcelona

Durateion: 2 Days

In a clinical setting, VivaScope users will obtain further knowledge about our VivaScope products and confocal microscopy from renowned experts.At the University of Barcelona, VivaScope users take part in expert training sessions to deepen your knowledge of the application.
4. Step
Online Media Library
with VivaScope Academy

Duration: Continous

As part of an intensive training programme, VivaScope users can view, evaluate and reference numerous training videos and how to do videos in our online media library. The online training is based on the expert training at the University of Barcelona.
Expert meetings,
networking with experts
and professional