Confocal Microscopy

We are an innovative Munich-based medical technology company that offers a novel, high-resolution imaging solution that finds its application in various fields of medicine and the cosmetics industry.

Our confocal microscopy-based solution enables time-efficient differentiation between pathogenic and healthy tissue in real time and on-site, in your practice or surgery room.

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Speed up diagnosis
with our VivaScope products:

Optical Biopsy

Your virtual window into the skin – with VivaScope 1500/3000.

Offers physicians, clinicians as well as medical and cosmetic researchers the possibility to non-invasively examine the skin in-vivo, at cellular resolution and in real time.

✔ Real Time
✔ Non-Invasive
✔ Telemedicine
✔ Complete Imaging Chain

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VivaScope 1500
VivaScope 3000

Digital Pathology

Your digitalized laboratory on a cart – with VivaScope 2500.

Designed  for the analysis of diagnostic biopsies and the assessment of tumour margins during surgery. Tissue can be examined immediately after an excision without lengthy procedures in less than 5 minutes.

✔ Minimal Preparation
✔ Direct Assessment
✔ Time Savings
✔ Tissue Integrity

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VivaScope 2500M-G4
Technology behind

Medical Imaging
with confocal laserscaning technology:

Instant Optical Biopsy

In vivo examination is a non-invasive and time-saving method, in which the cellular components of the individual tissue layers of the skin can be depicted in high resolution. A diagnosis is possible even during examination.

Instant Digital Pathology

Our fluorescent confocal microscope (FCM) is specifically designed for the assessment of freshly excised tissue. After minimum preparation the sapmle is scanned within minutes. The patholgist can then directly assess the specimen only a few minutes after the excision, via tele-medicine from a remote location or on-site.

Connectivity & trainings
for clinics, doctors & researchers:

Learn how to apply our devices for your everyday work.

In collaboration with renowned Expert Centers we offer a well-designed and comprehensive training programme This guides you through the learning phase and shows how to implement and use the VivaScope products effectively.

Individual connectivity solutions for you.

In addition to our products we provide you with state-of-the-art IT solutions. Our secure tele-medicine tools let you transfer images for diagnosis within your network or all over the world. Our network solutions ensure an effective data management.

Use our microscopes for your research:

Our VivaScope products are successfully used for in vivo skin examination in the research sector. Confocal laser scanning microscopy can be used to document and analyse precisely skin changes. Learn more here:

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