About us - Team Europe

VivaScope team - Europa

Motivated. Dynamic. Creative.

We are a german, family owned company – located in the heart of Munich. Our motivation is progress for medicine. Worldwide. We are actively involved in developing and advancing this progress – this is what our employees in Germany and America stand for.

One Team. One Goal. Let’s save time with innovative products & workflows


Application Management

Strategic. Visionary. Fascinating.

Hours of study, tons of training scheduling, passionate solution finding – always with a focus on innovation and progress. Our application experts make the difference!

Mr. Dr. Banchi


Head of Global Application Team


Mr. Dr. Azimifar


Application Specialist


Ms. Dr. Bonfardin


Application Specialist




Organised. Involving. Enthusiastic.

They skilfully juggle figures for the best possible offer, set the tone in our sales projects or mediate between departments and customers – just like Dr. Watson. This is our powerful sales team – always fully committed to you VivaScopists and those who want to become one.

Mr. Solomita


Director Sales & Marketing


Mr. Schacht


Senior Sales Manager


Ms. Nwokoma


Key Account Manager 


Mr. Antony


Sales Manager – India 


Ms. Pawar


Sales Assistant

Mr. Gündisch


Manager International Sales Partners

Mr. Vajic


Key Account Manager

Mr. Biolchini


Key Account Manager 


Product / Production Management

Strategic. Visionary. Goal-leading.

For our product management, concepts are not just boring documents, but an opportunity to create new visions. Constantly working on new future-oriented strategies to bring our VivaScope into the medical market spotlight – always keeping an eye on the competition.

Mr. Dr. Andre


Head of Product Management 


Ms. Fottner


Desgin Engineer


Ms. Häßler


Supply Chain Manager




Creative. Moving. Diverse.

Passionately informing and accompanying people on their journey into the VivaScope world with words and images – whether on social media, flyers or congresses – always on the lookout for new trends, exciting content, these are our creative minds and event organisation talents in VivaScope Marketing.

Mr. Osterrieder


Global Marketing Manager


Ms. Dietrich


Marketing Manager




Flexible. Motivated. Team player.

The entire team is at home in the world of organisation. In the spirit of Sherlock Holmes, our admin team solves complex customer queries and never loses sight of the customer’s concerns. An unbeatable power team

Ms. Eichner


Head of Administration


Ms. Hadden


Import / Export Specialist


Ms. Effkemann


Administration for Installations and sales 


Ms. Schenk


Administration for repairs and exchanges


Ms. Brönner


Administration Coordinator


Mr. Puglia


Import/Export/Customs Specialist 


Ms. König


Administration Coordinator



Goal-oriented. Precise. Enthusiastic.

“Like to solve tricky customer issues and enjoy technical “tinkering”. All in the spirit of the goal – there’s no better way to describe our service team. One team – one dream”

Mr. Colque


Senior Technical Service Engineer


Mr. Messing


Technical Service Engineer


Mr. Kumar


Technical Service 



Solution-oriented. Skilled. Patient.

Our IT staff use their intuition to navigate the sotware universe with all its tricks, codes and C++ to find the best possible, most effective solution for our VivaScope users. Our superheroes on the net – a well-coordinated team.

Mr. Poppe


Head of Product-IT


Mr. Pachali


Senior IT-Administrator


Mr. Goraczka


Software Architect


Mr. Anh Nguyen






Structured. Craftsmanlike. Lively.

Preparing equipment for dispatch, coordinating deliveries, keeping an eye on stock and keeping the daily delivery craziness under control. Our team is absolute multi-talented and our Hulks in the warehouse.

Mr. Böhner


Warehouse Specialist


Mr. Kaffl


Warehouse Specialist