Instant Optical Biopsy - VivaScope 3000
VivaScope 3000 handheld Confocal laser scan Microscopy, included in the VivaScope 1500 3000 system

The VivaScope 3000

The VivaScope 3000 enables investigation of large skin areas affected by field cancerisation, actinic keratosis or lentigo maligna.

Perfekt for large areas

Compact design and low weight

For advanced users

Difficult to reach areas (nose & face)


Perfect for investigating facial lesions, difficult to reach skin locations, or large skin areas affected by actinic keratosis, lentigo maligna or similar. As the examination reveals cellular detail of the tissue, the spread of pathology can be determined very precisely.

Determine precisely

Precise examination – this is what the VivaScope 3000 is built for. Easy examine areas, that are difficult to reach.

For confocal experts. And those who aspire to excellence.

It is highly suitable for investigating large skin areas affected by actinic keratosis or lentigo maligna. Since the examination reveals the tissue in cellular resolution, the spread of lentigo maligna can be determined very precisely.

Area with uneven skin. And especially face.

The portable confocal laser-scanning microscope simplifies in vivo examinations of uneven skin areas especially in the face. It delivers stable, undistorted and clear images e.g. of the nose, the ears and other difficult to access regions.


Pre-surgical mapping. It's easy with the VivaScope 3000.

Pre-surgical mapping of lentigo maligna using the VivaScope 3000 not only significantly optimises treatment but also improves patient care management.

All images courtesy of Prof. Giovanni Pellacani, Prof. Dr Elke Sattler, Dr Martina Ulrich, Prof. Dr Julia Welzel

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