The RS-G5

Large Volume Imaging

unprecedent large mosaic scans up to 120 x 80 x 11 mm.


Amazing Imaging speed using Ribbon Mosaic Scan technology.


High resolution imaging using GaAsP detectors, Beam Expander and integrated variable pinhole aperture.


Online real-ime stitching without post-processing followed by IMARIS file generation after the scanns make immediate image analysis possible.

Reflectance Confocal Microscopy

Sample imaging without (antibody) stining based on reflectance index of biomolecules.


The  RS-G5 research confocal microscope features a new ribbon scanning image capture process coupled with its proprietary image-stitching algorithm to create cellular-level images with unprecedented down-to-the-pixel accuracy and perfect homogeneity. The process generates large-scale mosaics that you can use to quickly locate a data collection area on a large specimen, such as a complete brain section or an entire specimen.