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Optical Biopsy

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The VivaScope 1500/300 Combo System, confocal laser scan microscope
Step 1
VivaScope installation

Before you go through the individual training steps, the VivaScope device is installed on your premises by our specialist staff. This ensures a smooth start into the confocal world and the adventure can begin.

Step 2
Introductory training
On site

Duration: 1 day

Side by side training begins with your personal contact person. We take a day for you to explain/show you the most important movements directly on the equipment.
Step 3
Independent study
with textbook + publications

Duration: 2-3 months

With the help of the textbook you will get first insights into the interpretation of confocal images before you deepen your knowledge in the Basic Expert Course. The book can be purchased online (ISBN XXXXXX)
Step 4
Basic Expert Course Rome

Duration: 3 days

In a clinical setting, VivaScope users gain further knowledge about our VivaScope products and confocal microscopy from renowned experts. At the University of Rome, VivaScope users participate in expert training on pigmented and non-pigmented lesions, inflammatory diseases and cosmetic applications.
Step 5
Advanced Course Munich

Duration: 1.5 days

At the University of Munich, VivaScope users take part in expert training courses on pigmented and non-pigmented lesions, inflammatory diseases and cosmetic applications. Together with our professors you will discuss many exciting cases from everyday life for optimal learning success in confocal image interpretation.
Step 6
Online training (VivaTeach)
with expert support

Duration: Ongoing

VivaTeach is a telemedicine learning tool for knowledge transfer from established confocal imaging experts to new VivaScope users. Challenging cases can be selected for upload to a secure and certified data centre. Images are then reviewed by a trained and certified clinician who assists you in making a diagnosis by providing an interpretation and highlighting noticeable features. This is how you quickly become a confocal expert.
Step 7
Online media library
with VivaScope Academy

Duration: Ongoing

During an intensive training programme, VivaScope users can evaluate numerous case studies and compare them with a reference. This expert training was designed by Prof. Giovanni Pellacani. The online training is based on the expert training at the University of Rome.
Expert meetings,
Networking with experts
and professional